Registered Energy Advisors | Langham, SK

Are you a Langham homeowner worried about the escalating expenses associated with electricity, gas, and hydro bills in Saskatchewan? Energy Werx is your solution. We not only trim down your energy costs but also support your transition towards a greener and more sustainable lifestyle. Energy Werx assists homeowners in Saskatchewan in uncovering potential energy-related rebates they might qualify for.

Back in 2017, the Canadian government introduced an initiative program that extends rebates to homeowners committed to embracing sustainability. Our role at Energy Werx revolves around facilitating homeowners’ eligibility for these rebates and offering a comprehensive service plan that encompasses the results of their energy assessment and recommended improvements.

Curious about how an Energy Evaluation in Langham works?

Upon reaching out to Energy Werx, we dispatch a Registered Energy Advisor to conduct a meticulous and in-depth evaluation of your home’s energy efficiency. This evaluation serves as the basis for identifying potential rebates available to Langham homeowners. Once the assessment is complete, our advisor furnishes you with an energy advice guide detailing projects you can undertake to enhance your home’s energy efficiency. These projects may encompass upgrades like insulation enhancements, replacement of windows, doors, or skylights, and even furnace or boiler replacements. Our advisors employ various methods, including blower door tests, infrared cameras, and air leak inspections, to identify rebate opportunities. They also remain accessible for any queries and follow up with a final energy audit after the initial assessments.

At Energy Werx, our primary objective has always been to assist Saskatchewan homeowners in leading more energy-efficient and sustainable lives while ensuring they receive the rebates they rightfully deserve.

Langham, Saskatchewan

Langham, Saskatchewan may be a small town brimming with charm and a tight-knit community spirit that sets it apart. With its rich history, stunning natural surroundings, and warm-hearted locals, Langham offers a unique experience that attracts both residents and visitors alike.

Langham is located just a short drive from Saskatoon, making it an ideal getaway for those seeking a peaceful retreat. The town boasts a picturesque landscape that offers ample opportunities for outdoor activities, such as hiking, fishing, and birdwatching.

Apart from its stunning nature, Langham also holds a special place in history. The town was founded in the early 1900s and has preserved its heritage buildings, including the historic train station, which now serves as a museum showcasing the town’s past.

One of the highlights of Langham is its strong sense of community, coming together for numerous events throughout the year, such as the annual Langham Jamboree, a celebration of local talent, music, and food. This event showcases the town’s vibrant culture and brings people from all over to experience the warmth and hospitality that Langham has to offer.