Registered Energy Advisors | Warman, SK

Are you a homeowner residing in Warman and concerned about the soaring costs of electricity, gas, and hydro bills in Saskatchewan? Energy Werx stands ready to assist you. Our services not only trim down your energy expenses but also empower you to embrace a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. Energy Werx specializes in connecting Saskatchewan homeowners with potential energy sector rebates they may qualify for.

Back in 2017, the Canadian government initiated a rebate program aimed at supporting homeowners striving for a greener way of life. At Energy Werx, our mission is to guide homeowners toward rebate eligibility while offering a comprehensive service plan encompassing a thorough energy audit and recommended enhancements.

Curious about how Energy Evaluations work in Warman?

When you reach out to Energy Werx, we’ll dispatch a certified and experienced Registered Energy Advisor to conduct a meticulous evaluation of your home’s energy efficiency. Armed with this data, Energy Werx assists Warman homeowners in identifying available rebates. Upon completion, our advisor will furnish you with an energy advisory report, detailing potential projects to boost your home’s energy efficiency. These projects may encompass upgrades such as improved insulation, replacement of windows, doors, skylights, or even furnace and boiler upgrades. Our advisors employ various techniques to uncover rebates, including blower door tests, infrared cameras, and air leak inspections, among others. Plus, our advisor remains accessible for any inquiries and conducts a follow-up energy audit after the initial assessments.

At Energy Werx, our primary objective has always been to help Saskatchewan homeowners lead more energy-efficient and sustainable lives, all while ensuring they access the rebates they rightfully deserve.

Warman, Saskatchewan

Warman, Saskatchewan may be a small city in the heart of the Canadian prairies, but it is full of charm and surprises. Nestled along the banks of the South Saskatchewan River, Warman boasts breathtaking natural beauty. Spend a peaceful day at the Pike Lake Provincial Park, where you can immerse yourself in nature, hike picturesque trails, and enjoy water activities.

For the history buffs, the Warman Historical Museum is a fascinating place to explore, offering insights into the city’s past through its collection of artifacts and exhibits. Warman is also home to a vibrant arts community. The Warman Community Arts Center hosts regular events and showcases local talent, including theater performances, art exhibitions, and live music, providing a platform for artists to shine.

Sports enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that Warman is a hotspot for outdoor activities. The Legends Centre offers a variety of recreational facilities, including ice rinks, swimming pools, and fitness equipment. Additionally, the city hosts various sports tournaments throughout the year, attracting athletes from across the province.